Trendstone Product Colors Product Shapes

TRENDSTONE® ground face masonry units are integrally colored concrete blocks with one or more faces ground to expose the variegated colors of the natural aggregates. A special additive is included in the concrete mix design to prevent efflorescence. A factory-applied, clear satin gloss acrylic accentuates and highlights each burnished face and provides moisture resistance.

One-Step Installation
All TRENDSTONE® units provide finished load-bearing or non-load bearing walls in a single trade, one-step operation. You save time and money.

Natural Aggregate Beauty
TRENDSTONE® units provide the enduring beauty of natural colored aggregates and the solid permanence of masonry.

TRENDSTONE® and TRENDSTONE PLUS® units provide a wall surface with a high degree of graffiti-resistant cleansability.

The beautiful TRENDSTONE® finishes will last for the life of your building. No need to repaint or refinish.

Design Flexibility
TRENDSTONE® units offer freedom of expression in design through a variety of colors, scoring patterns, chamfers, and special shapes.